How to Get to Rhodes and Start Your Dreamy Vacations
Rhodes is a large island and therefore it is easily accessible all year round. Of course, during summer there are hundreds of charter flights that connect the airport of the island with both local and international destinations. Especially in Europe, there are numerous flights arriving and departing to and from Rhodes on a daily basis. Still, there is the option of getting a connection flight to Athens or Thessaloniki and then travel to Rhodes.
If you are more of a boat fan, then Rhodes is not going to let you down. There are frequent boats heading towards Rhodes from the port of Piraeus. However, you had better be armed with patience, especially if you go for a route that engages in multiple stops to the other islands of Dodecanese. It is a pleasant journey though and many travellers prefer such an alternative to the frenzy of air transport.
You can also rent a yacht and head to Rhodes in elegance and style, since there is a modern harbour that allows such transportation without any discomfort whatsoever. Of course, from Rhodes you can get a boat and visit the other smaller island nearby; Chalki, Symi, Tilos are just some of the islets that you can access via Rhodes. In addition, Rhodes has got a great interconnection with Turkey and Cyprus and so you can schedule your excursions and your daily visits there.