Exquisite Natural Beauty Landmarks in Rhodes
Being the largest island in the Dodecanese, Rhodes prides itself in having a vast range of different landscapes for tourists to enjoy. If you are eager to explore nature and relish the well preserved locations that host wildlife, flora and fauna, then Rhodes can work wonders for you. As you will come to realize, in Rhodes there are places of exceptional importance to the global ecosystem and thus people in the island do their best, so as to maintain the purity of nature and its magnitude to the slightest detail.
One of the most popular locations that attract a lot of tourists daily is that of the Valley of the Butterflies. This is located in the region of Kalamonas, about half an hour away from the city centre. You can walk through the paths that will lead you straight to the core of this rare habitat and you can savour the ponds, the wooden bridges and of course the precious butterflies. There is the Museum of Natural History located at the entrance of the valley and with a visit to this museum you can learn in theory what you have just witnessed in practice.
The Seven Springs can also be an exceptional option for you and your hiking excursions. These springs lead to a lake where you can admire ducks and geese, as well as pine trees and the rest of the rich vegetation. It is an oasis of coolness even in the heart of summer and this is where you can rest for a while and grab a bite, before going ahead with the other attractions of the island. The Seven Springs are located in Archangelos village.
We have named just a couple of locations that are of unique and exemplary elegance and miraculous beauty. If you are intrigued by the idea of discovering wild and yet amazingly appealing places, then Rhodes is the perfect destination for you. Do not hold back on visiting such unique landscapes!