Refreshing Experiences in the Best Beaches of Rhodes
Rhodes is a large island in the Aegean Sea and therefore it has got the privilege to offer quite many quality beaches to the travellers who wish to dive in the clear blue waters and indulge in water sports and other activities. No matter if you are interested in relaxing alone lying on your sun lounger or you wish to get involved in surfing competitions and scuba diving, Rhodes has got you covered! So, according to your needs and based on the specific requirements that you may have regarding the perfect beach, you can have your pick and get to choose the most idyllic scenery that will host your vacations!
One of the most popular beaches in the island is Faliraki. It is substantially large (about 4 kilometers long) and it has got fully equipped water sports facilities and even a place for bungee jumping. It has got a water park and a lot of tourists overwhelm this beach, given the fact that it is so well organized and still so pure and perfect to look at and enjoy. Apart from Faliraki, there is also Lindos. Its white sand and its turquoise waters make the perfect combination and travellers come from afar to admire the view and relax on the soft sand, after having dived to the cool and refreshing waters.
Elli is another prominent beach stretched alongside the city centre and attracting tourists on a daily basis. Many have named Elli the most exquisite beach of the whole Mediterranean Sea. It is friendly and it can host a lot of people and their desires to engage in snorkelling, scuba diving and even fishing. It is a great place to swim. If you are looking for the optimal place to dive and enjoy the world underwater, then Antony Quinn is the best beach for you to visit. This is where the “Guns of Navarone” takes place.

Rhodes can serve your every need, when it comes to picking the ideal beach. You ought to explore the amazing coastline of the island and relish swimming in its clear waters.